Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Short and Easy Steps to Creating a Delicious Panini Sandwich

Times comes when our kids have grown tired of the common meals that we serve them. Especially when it comes to sandwiches, we will have to force children or even grownups and teens who will not hesitate in refusing bland and unappealing sandwiches such as cheese or peanut butter sandwiches. In fact, there is a way to step up - instead of simple sandwiches, you can try serving them delectable Panini.

Here are a few easy steps to creating and serving the most delicious Panini sandwiches, right in your own home. Just make sure that you follow the steps and you are on your way to becoming a kitchen superstar, especially to your spouse and kids.

1. Pre-heating is important

See to it that your kitchen appliance is preheated to the required temperature. It will be better if you leave your Panini press, of any brand, with its lid closed – this will ensure that it will heat up as fast as possible. Most appliances these days possess indicator lights that will light to either green or yellow to signal that they have attained the desired temperature.

It is very important that the grills have reached desired surface temperature before cooking is even started. The right temperature ensures a properly brown and charred sandwich.

2. Lay the bread

Of course, you have to use the best bread to make sure that your Panini is the most delicious meal that you can serve everyone. Is it possible for you to make your own bread? If so, then it will be the best selection to use for your sandwich. Otherwise, there are breads in the make that are also perfect for your Italian sandwich. Simply select any whole bread for your local bakery or neighborhood market. If it is still unsliced, make it a little thicker for more appeal. Some prefer to use white bread because it will make the charred line more visible. However, brown surface bread is perfect as well. Some of the most commonly used bread types are focaccia and ciabatta.

3. Assemble your Italian Panini

Brush the surface of the bread with margarine or olive oil. The latter is actually a choice of many because it adds great flavour to the sandwich. Another possible option is the canola oil. Be careful not to brush oil too much, but rather, spread it lightly all over. Too much oil can add quite a good amount of calories.

4. Add meat and vegetables

The most exciting part – it is now time to add meat, veggie bits, egg, or even fruits. Salami, ham, and turkey are such delicious cold cut meat options. Remember to add cheese or dressing of your choice for more delicious taste lent to your sandwich. Also, you must be reminded to cook the meat totally to make sure that we only eat 100 per cent healthy and safe meal.

4. Cooking time has come

As soon as everything has been laid into the sandwich, it’s time to close the lid. Make a strong pressure onto the lid using the top Panini press bar. To ensure thorough cooking, set the appliance timer to what is indicated in the recipe book.

Within a few minutes, your Panino sandwich is done. Happy cooking!

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