Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Ranch Dressing – Enhancing the Taste of Steak Panini Sandwich (Making It Yummier)

A lot of people are looking for ways to improve the taste of an otherwise bland steak sandwich. Now, it is not enough that you sprinkle salt and pepper into your panino. There’s got to be another great way of enhancing the flavour of the meal.

These days, there is a simple yet effective means of livening up the taste of your Panino. It is by way of ranch dressing – fun and delicious addition to the meat and any other meal. Surely, it will add some Old West blend that your family and kids will surely love.

One of the most popular brands is the Litehouse Dressing. Such delectable type of dressing offers natural taste of ranch. Totally natural is what makers can assure since the product does not have any preservative, no Monosodium glutamate (or MSG), and other artificial ingredients.

All components are healthy to the consumer such as canola oil. It contains no dangerous trans fats, ingredient that can otherwise cause havoc to the heart, health wise. Hence, you can be sure that with this dressing, there is no danger of cardiac condition, unlike when you use other dressing brands.

With the use of this dressing, you and everyone in your household can enjoy healthful meals, and delicious ones at that. Your children are sure to grab their places at the dinner table to enjoy lunch or dinner meals. For instance, you can always serve Panini-cooked steak sandwich with Litehouse ranch dressing since it is known to be a big hit, whether with children or adults. Definitely, it can be served as a main lunch meal, with crisp and healthy tossed lettuce salad. You can also combine it with boiled corn as a dinner meal.

In order to create a yummy Steak Panini, you need a few important food ingredients such as slices of focaccia or sourdough bread, quarter pound of steak, roasted red bell peppers, and the most important component - Litehouse Homestyle Ranch or Rustic Ranch Dressing

Grill or fry quality steak up to the point when it is perfectly done (according to your desire. Allow the meat to cool down, this will take some five minutes. Now it is time to preheat your panini press or indoor Grill. Lay down the bread slice. Spread evenly the Ranch Dressing, or as how you like it. Add the steak and red bell peppers. Press for a few minutes. Now it is done. Cut the sandwich diagonally and share its goodness. Enjoy such a delicious Panini treat.

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  1. Oh... that's actually a really great idea! I love creamier sauces, so I think I may enjoy this suggestion.

    Lisa Favre