Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Short and Easy Steps to Creating a Delicious Panini Sandwich

Times comes when our kids have grown tired of the common meals that we serve them. Especially when it comes to sandwiches, we will have to force children or even grownups and teens who will not hesitate in refusing bland and unappealing sandwiches such as cheese or peanut butter sandwiches. In fact, there is a way to step up - instead of simple sandwiches, you can try serving them delectable Panini.

Here are a few easy steps to creating and serving the most delicious Panini sandwiches, right in your own home. Just make sure that you follow the steps and you are on your way to becoming a kitchen superstar, especially to your spouse and kids.

1. Pre-heating is important

See to it that your kitchen appliance is preheated to the required temperature. It will be better if you leave your Panini press, of any brand, with its lid closed – this will ensure that it will heat up as fast as possible. Most appliances these days possess indicator lights that will light to either green or yellow to signal that they have attained the desired temperature.

It is very important that the grills have reached desired surface temperature before cooking is even started. The right temperature ensures a properly brown and charred sandwich.

2. Lay the bread

Of course, you have to use the best bread to make sure that your Panini is the most delicious meal that you can serve everyone. Is it possible for you to make your own bread? If so, then it will be the best selection to use for your sandwich. Otherwise, there are breads in the make that are also perfect for your Italian sandwich. Simply select any whole bread for your local bakery or neighborhood market. If it is still unsliced, make it a little thicker for more appeal. Some prefer to use white bread because it will make the charred line more visible. However, brown surface bread is perfect as well. Some of the most commonly used bread types are focaccia and ciabatta.

3. Assemble your Italian Panini

Brush the surface of the bread with margarine or olive oil. The latter is actually a choice of many because it adds great flavour to the sandwich. Another possible option is the canola oil. Be careful not to brush oil too much, but rather, spread it lightly all over. Too much oil can add quite a good amount of calories.

4. Add meat and vegetables

The most exciting part – it is now time to add meat, veggie bits, egg, or even fruits. Salami, ham, and turkey are such delicious cold cut meat options. Remember to add cheese or dressing of your choice for more delicious taste lent to your sandwich. Also, you must be reminded to cook the meat totally to make sure that we only eat 100 per cent healthy and safe meal.

4. Cooking time has come

As soon as everything has been laid into the sandwich, it’s time to close the lid. Make a strong pressure onto the lid using the top Panini press bar. To ensure thorough cooking, set the appliance timer to what is indicated in the recipe book.

Within a few minutes, your Panino sandwich is done. Happy cooking!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Ranch Dressing – Enhancing the Taste of Steak Panini Sandwich (Making It Yummier)

A lot of people are looking for ways to improve the taste of an otherwise bland steak sandwich. Now, it is not enough that you sprinkle salt and pepper into your panino. There’s got to be another great way of enhancing the flavour of the meal.

These days, there is a simple yet effective means of livening up the taste of your Panino. It is by way of ranch dressing – fun and delicious addition to the meat and any other meal. Surely, it will add some Old West blend that your family and kids will surely love.

One of the most popular brands is the Litehouse Dressing. Such delectable type of dressing offers natural taste of ranch. Totally natural is what makers can assure since the product does not have any preservative, no Monosodium glutamate (or MSG), and other artificial ingredients.

All components are healthy to the consumer such as canola oil. It contains no dangerous trans fats, ingredient that can otherwise cause havoc to the heart, health wise. Hence, you can be sure that with this dressing, there is no danger of cardiac condition, unlike when you use other dressing brands.

With the use of this dressing, you and everyone in your household can enjoy healthful meals, and delicious ones at that. Your children are sure to grab their places at the dinner table to enjoy lunch or dinner meals. For instance, you can always serve Panini-cooked steak sandwich with Litehouse ranch dressing since it is known to be a big hit, whether with children or adults. Definitely, it can be served as a main lunch meal, with crisp and healthy tossed lettuce salad. You can also combine it with boiled corn as a dinner meal.

In order to create a yummy Steak Panini, you need a few important food ingredients such as slices of focaccia or sourdough bread, quarter pound of steak, roasted red bell peppers, and the most important component - Litehouse Homestyle Ranch or Rustic Ranch Dressing

Grill or fry quality steak up to the point when it is perfectly done (according to your desire. Allow the meat to cool down, this will take some five minutes. Now it is time to preheat your panini press or indoor Grill. Lay down the bread slice. Spread evenly the Ranch Dressing, or as how you like it. Add the steak and red bell peppers. Press for a few minutes. Now it is done. Cut the sandwich diagonally and share its goodness. Enjoy such a delicious Panini treat.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Panini Sandwich Delight from InTonys Kitchen

Find this Panini easy to do and, most importantly, healthy - because it is light and has simple fillings like mozza and basil. Enjoy this recipe from In Tony's Kitchen.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Everybody Loves Panini Sandwiches

Almost everyone loves to eat Panini sandwiches. This is because this Italian sandwich is, without a doubt, so tasty, more so if they are available to eat piping hot. Children especially just crave for these wonderful Italian meals that they love to watch their moms prepare them, milling around them as they cook it right inside the kitchen. Kids just can’t wait for their meals if they know that panino sandwiches are being prepared.

If you want to cook or grill your own sandwich, then you should try to get a high-quality Panini press. With this appliance, you can prepare and whip up your own personal Panini in a fast and easy fashion.

The following are a few reasons why having a Panini grill is a must:

You will be able to churn out your personal Panini sandwiches and meals. You will have total control when it comes to the type of ingredients that you will use. You can make it simple or really complex, with everything on it. What’s important is that with your own press, you can cook sandwiches your way. Remember that whatever type of Panini you cook, the bread must be brushed with oil (preferably olive oil), margarine, or butter. This will make your end product crispy to the bite.

With your Panini grill, you can cook something healthy and delicious, always. You may utilize whole grain, full-of-fiber bread for your panino, assuring you of lots of nutrients that you body needs. Also, healthful olive or vegetable oil can be used to brush on your bread’s surfaces. You will be able to cook meat with less fats, like turkey and chicken. To add to the healthiness of your sandwich, add tones of vegetables like onions, tomatoes and green leaves. These fillings are full of vital nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Panini presses are likewise able to remove excessive oils as they are cooked.

There is no doubt that will a personal Panini maker, everyone home maker now has a chance to create yummy meals, day in and day out, for her family. How, everyone has the chance to enjoy a healthy diet. With this awesome kitchen appliance, people will be able to cook and whip out paninis that every member of her family will surely love to eat, even on an everyday basis. If you have kids that grow up so fast, try serving them with warm and sumptuous, whether breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You will be able to do this if you have your own Panini grill.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Breville Panini Press – Popular Panini Maker Brand

Breville panini maker is one of the most popular brands of Panini presses. One can make his very own delicious Panini gourmet sandwiches with the use of the Breville panini press. You are assured that you will be able to cook perfectly-grilled panini with this press. The good thing is that you can choose from a wide variety of models that are available in the market.

The Breville brand of panini press maker is easy to heat up. This means that it gives fast and even toasting of the bread that you lay in the equipment. As soon as the light glows, this means that power is one and the machine is ready. When your required temperature has been attained, power will be automatically cut off. Consequently, light will turn off as well. The Breville is a huge favorite of consumers who are known to be stylish and with class. Its chrome finish lends a handsome look to the appliance. Cleaning is very easy and you can also preserve its overall neat look.

The Panini press’ top plate’s height is totally adjustable, assuring you that Panini and sandwich of any thickness can be cooked. All you have to do is switch the appliance on and in no time, it will reach the desired temperature. You can now place your sandwiches inside the appliance and start cooking them. In a few minutes, you will enjoy crispy and hot panino sandwiches with the beautiful brown lines that every one loves.

Be aware that the Breville Panini Maker is ready to cook once the red light glows, meaning that the appliance is getting ready and heated. Immediately after a few minutes, the user notices a glowing green light instead of the red-colored one. Another thing, when it is used for the first time, smoke might appear. This is not a reason for you to worry and panic. Be assured that the smoke with be gone soon. Now you are ready to put bread to make sandwiches.

After you close the lid, all you need is 5 minutes or so to have your sandwich ready. Actually, it depends on the stuffing that you put in your bread. After the appropriate time, you must be ready to open up your breville brand of Panini press. You now have to take it out using a plastic or wooden spatula. Avoid using metal knives or spoon as these implements can be pointy and sharp and so might damage the surface .

Because of the various Breville panini maker in the market today, it must be overwhelming to choose. A fine solution is to read customer reviews – legitimate ones – as they will help in making a discerning choose.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Breadman Panini Grill and Press: Opt for a Reliable Brand

Preparing a delicious meal with sandwiches has been made easy in the past few years with the help of Breadman panini press. With wide range of styles available in panini makers, those that come with useful features win over the other models. You have the standard model which has the fixed hinges that work only for regular sized sandwiches and you have grills that have floating hinges which makes it handy to prepare even thicker breads. You can prepare any great recipe like chicken, turkey or fish filled inside your ciabata with Breadman panini press.

The panini press by breadman is perfect cooker that delivers meals in a flash. The metal plate components of the appliance’s interiors easily gets heated up. It also possesses indicator lights that tell the user if the Panini press is finally ready.

There are a wide variety of appliance models – they range from an average of 600 watts to as high as 1500 watts. You can make use of versatile control options in the Breadman panini grill and press – these features will keep the press at the user’s desirable level; it depends on what type of sandwich or dish he might be cooking. The top models also features a timer that will help the Panini press to switch off in an automatic manner as time is set.

Without a doubt, Breadman Panini grill and press is a top brand name that people can opt to buy. With an industry that’s huge, you have a choice that is so affordable yet reliable. Panini makers range from a measly 80 dollars to 189 dollars, it depends on your choice of components, wattage, and features. This brand is certainly a wonderful replacement to the old-type panini maker that is made out of cast iron. In the case of the latter, you need to season the cast iron panini press you can even use it. But when you use the Breadman panini press, you will never have to season it. At the same time, it operates on conventional power, which is electricity.

The Breadman brand of panini machine is of two main types – they are with variable type heat and with no variable heat. Either way, you will be able to enjoy crispy and tasty Panini sandwiches. Also, this panini press boasts of floating hinge system, which means that sandwiches are cooked easily whether they are thin or bulky in size. Its cooking plate components are made from non-stick materials; which means that you have an easy time cleaning it. All you have to do is wipe the surface with a damp cloth and you will easily take away food debris. Afterwards, you can dry it with a paper towel. The Panini press is also small and compact, and so it can be easily stored inside your cupboard after use. Needless to say, it only uses up a small space of the counter top.

Also, Breadman panini press is much more attractive and classy than other panini maker brands because of its body, which is made of high-quality stainless steel. Such an attractive appearance of this popular panini maker is the reason why it is a favorite of homemakers from all over.